Cherry Bark Art


Tea containers made of the bark from Akita prefecture in Japan; has the very natural texture of Wild Japanese Cherry trees. The beauty, unique to natural wood products can be enjoyed each day. When we were looking for sustainable Japanese products, we came across this beautiful wild cherry bark tea canister, which is environmentally friendly and uses as little chemical products as possible. Cherry wood bark art; a product that uses the bark of wild cherry wood trees, where only a part of the bark is peeled off so that it can be regenerated even if the bark of the cherry tree is peeled off. By doing so, the tree does not die and the bark regenerates, so there is no need to cut down the tree, and it is an environment-friendly product that does not generate extra waste material other than the bark when making the products. The long-established cherry birch bark tea canister has antibacterial and insect repellent effects, and is a rare product that can be used for decades.

The beauty of wild cherry wood product made only from natural materials

Cherry bark art (Kabazaiku) is a traditional Japanese bark craft that has been developed as a side business of Samurai and has a tradition of over 230 years. The tea container provided by Komon are made from the bark of wild cherry wood in the Tohoku region where it snows a lot and cold in winter, the growth speed is slow due to the harsh environment for wild cherry trees, and the bark grows slowly and firmly over time. Once the bark is peeled off, it is thoroughly dried for about 2 years before being processed. First, scrape to reduce surface irregularities, apply Niwaka; a natural glue for attaching to the wooden body, then it is pasted with a heated iron and polished. When making tea canisters, no chemical substances are used, and the luster that comes out of polishing each one without coloring by taking advantage of the natural texture and color of the bark of the cherry tree. Using all natural materials, the craftsmanship cultivated over many years enhances the original beauty of wild cherry wood bark, you can enjoy the warm touch, unique to natural materials. In addition, because it is made from a single wooden pattern and bark, it is highly airtight, has antibacterial and insect repellent effects and is excellent for storing tea leaves and coffee beans.

Environmentally-friendly, wild Japanese cherry tree bark products

藤木伝四郎商店 DENSHIRO

Since Kakunodate in Akita prefecture is the only production area in Japan for cherry bark art, the production value and the number of workers are small compared to other traditional craft production areas. The number of craftsmen is decreasing year by year compared to before, but “DENSHIRO” is still making high-quality birch work that has inherited the tradition of about 230 years. DENSHIRO was founded in 1851 as a local wholesaler, and even the 7th president of the present age has been making things that make life gorgeous by valuing the texture and history of the expressive cherry wood tree skin, which is a natural material. At the beginning of its founding, it made small old bags called "Kanran", and now they are producing tea canisters, chopsticks, trays, and so on. The craftsman & craftswoman finish each work by hand, and the tea canisters of precisely made by craftsmen with many years of experience so that the lid slowly falls into place when put on the main body of the canister. Many craftsman use bark from the wild mountain trees, giving new life to the natural material of cherry bark, forming it into a durable work of art that can be used and enjoyed for decades.