NSK Kogyo Diamond Sharpening Stone


Sharpening your blades with NSK Kogyo diamond stones will cut your sharpening time in half and will revolutionize your sharpening experience. Many woodworkers in Japan are starting to shift from using synthetic or natural stones to NSK Kogyo diamond stones.


All NSK Kogyo's Diamond stones are made with a special formula and resin bond to create the best cutting edge on the blade, which is the most amazing thing ever.

They are made from NSK Kogyo's many years of experience and knowledge of producing grinding stones. Using resin bonding gives more possibility and variety when making diamond stones, having that variety available to the user means you are able to tailor your sharpening experience.

The diamonds cut and smooth out the steel well, and the specified grit is always correct and very little to no mud is produced during sharpening, making it easy to keep track of the progress of your work.

Each type of stone differs in softness and hardness from its material. NSK Kogyo's diamond stones are ideal for all types of kitchen knives, from stainless, semi-stainless and carbon stainless knives, you can find the best stones from various series

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Take 1-3 Months+ to be Delivered for This Handmade Stone

NSK Kogyo's products are individually handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to produce the best diamond sharpening stones. All work is done by a single craftsman with the skills and knowledge he gained at the Japanese sharpening stone manufacturer where he worked for many years, requiring a lot of time to produce the products.
Currently, back orders are coming in from all over the world, not just Japan, so it is taking time to manufacture. If you wish to order, please place your order in Pre-Order.

We guarantee that you will receive the best diamond sharpening stone for your waiting.

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