Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara


Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara have created their own style from working in several different ceramic traditions all over Japan.Kiseto, Hakeme and Kohiki are their main styles which they work in to create beautiful products that can be used everyday. Their main focus is to bring the many ceramic styles of Japan to daily life, like their "Small Chawan" which is typically used for Matcha but can be held in one hand to enjoy Japanese tea's, yet still feel the style of a large Chawan used in tea ceremony's 

Blending many regional Japanese ceramic style 

篠原 貴志/恵 Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara

Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara from Kyoto, blend many regional Japanese ceramic styles into their work. The Shinohara's both graduated from A Traditional art's school in Kyoto. Takashi Shinohara worked in Arita (Saga prefecture), Seto (Aichi prefecture) and Kyoto, his wife Megumi worked Hasami (Nagasaki prefecture), in 2016 Takashi and Megumi moved to Kyoto and started making their own ceramic products from the knowledge and experience the gained. 

The result of their work is a blend of may regional Japanese ceramic styles, with extensive training in Aritayaki, Setoyaki and Hasamiyaki ceramic styles. Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara produce their own unique glazes and clay textures based on their previous experiences. For example, Kiseto is normally a shiny smooth texture, but they have given Kiseto a rough matte texture with a feeling of river rocks worn by years of rushing water. 

From their creative use of traditional ceramic styles come unique pieces for daily use.