Yamagata Imono Iron Kettle

長文堂 Chōbundō

Thin, light, high quality Tetsubin from Yamagata. One of the main features of Yamagata Imono is that it is lighter  with high quality iron.The most popular product “Natsume” has a modern simple form which had been made by the 1st generation of this company,  you will be able to enjoy the classical iron kettle that will last several lifetime from hand baking Urushi painting.  Chlorine can be removed by boiling water in the Tetsubin. This is a one of the main reasons to use Tetsubin as its water is said to enhance the subtle flavors in tea and coffee.

The place and history of Yamagata that createdthe beautiful and durable Tetsubin 

Around 1060 years, when casting craftsman visited Yamagata prefecture with their Warlord, casting craftsman found perfectly suited clay for making Tetsubin(iron kettle) molds. For casting iron, new clay molds have to be made each time for each Tetsubin, because of the clay becomes an important ingredient as well as the iron. This is the big difference between other Tetsubin. And there was not enough natural iron in Yamagata so craftsman’s import iron from another prefecture.  For this reason using rare and expensive iron, craftsman focus to make thin high quality pure iron. 

Three generations Yamagataimono company with Dentokogeishi

長文堂 Chōbundō

Komon offers Tetsubin with a history of 950 years and 3 generations within the Yamagataimono company.  The current president and his father were recognized as Dentokogeishi, honored Japanese Traditional Craftsman.  They have preserved the tradition and continue to make high quality handmade Tetsubin that convey tradition and technique, the splendor of shape, and the charm of iron material.