Yasunobu Osugi


Ceramic dishes and cups are used not only for serving finished dishes, but also as cooking tools. In Japan, there is a clay pot called "Donabe", which is ued to cook soup and rice. It is no exaggeration to say that every household in Japan has one Donabe which has the ability to retain heat and bring out the flavors of the ingredients. Japanese people loves to cook Hot Pot in cold winter, and there are many kinds of Hot Pot using various ingredients depending on the region.

Yasunobu Osugi in Tamba is a ceramic artist who makes cup, plates and Donabe. Osugi makes Donabe that match a variety of dishes, and also creates coffee drippers and servers that are rare made of clay in Japan. All of his wares have a natural texture, but are also stylish enough to match modern cuisine.

Gives the fun of chosing a different Donabe every day

Osugi has his workshop in Tamba and is using Tamba clay for his plate and cup, but since he makes Donabe using the soil of Iga in Mie prefecture that he had trained before, it has strong fire resistance and can be used on stoves and BBQs at home.
This colorful and unique Donabe is made by craftsman in Tamba.
There are many types of Donabe, such as for cooking rice, hot pots for one person and many people, as well as soup. Especially the rice cooked in the Donabe is exceptional, and you will be surprised at the difference in taste from the rice cooked in the rice cooker.
Kamadohan is a small rice cooker made based on Okudosan, that was used to make rice in Japan in the past. Fire-resistant Iga soil is used which has the natural texture of the soil remains on the surface, it is the best size for making rice for one or two persons.

Colorful but comfortable Donabe and dishes that match modern meals

大杉康伸Yasunobu Osugi

Yasunobu Osugi is a ceramics craftsman from the Tamba region in Hyogo Japan. His workshop is at the end of a narrow slope on the mountain edge that leads into the Valleys of Tamba. His workshop looks like a hut-like building that blend into the surrounding nature, and the interior was illuminated by orange light bulbs.
Osugi was born and lived in Kobe, but he trained in Iga and Bizen style by different master from other prefectures. After his training he moved to a quiet area in Tamba to fulfill his dream of building a slope style kiln by himself. He started making Donabe based on his experience training in Iga.
There are multiple colors and textures to blend in with modern kitchens. Various shapes and sizes are also available. Its fun to use them for different cooking techniques and dishes.