If you're a retailer interested in bringing our pieces of Japan into your shop, yes we have a wholesale. To check the list of the product and price list, please contact to us.

  • High quality Japanese craft

    We directly purchase crafts from Japan that are not sold overseas for various reasons, even though they are high quality products made in Japan. We also handle items that are usually difficult to obtain, such as pottery, iron kettles, Binchotan charcoal, and charcoal stoves, and we will send them at a special rate of DHL. (Shipping costs are the responsibility of the consignee)

  • Provision of merchandise (Coming Soon)

    You can basically use the photos on the website to promote Komon products in your store. In addition to the photos that are not posted, we will also provide additional photos taken at the workshop. We also will provide guidance papers for displaying products in stores to make customers more interested in Komon's products.

  • Join to support to the shrinking Japanese culture

    Demand is changing with the era of mass production and standardization of quality, and the traditional culture of manufacturing is shrinking. The Cherry Bark Art with tea caddies has halved the number of workers compared to 20 years ago due to the introduction of factory-produced products. By supplying such historical and cultural manufacturing to the world, we can support Japanese culture from your country.