Komon's EC Shop will Open Soon

Komon's EC Shop will Open Soon

Thank you for your continued interest in Komon products.

We have received many inquiries about our products and have decided to open our own e-commerce store.
Thank you very much for your patience.

Our original plan was to start around November.
However, our business partner Maruwa Kogyo, which manufactures Kiridashi Shichirin (portable japanese BBQ shichirin stove), suffered tremendous damage from the earthquake, and we suddenly decided to do crowdfunding to support them.
This has delayed the start of the e-commerce shop. Sorry for the delay.

Currently, all the products are not registered, and the products that are registered are not in stock and cannot be purchased.
We will prepare the EC shop in due course, update the information and increase the stock.
Please wait for a while longer.

If you would like to support Maruwa Kogyo through crowdfunding, we would appreciate it.
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