MARUWA KILN FUND (Crowdfunding)

MARUWA KILN FUND (Crowdfunding)


We are so glad all your support for Maruwa Kogyo! Please keep support for the local craftsmen in Japan for your purchases. Please check their Shichirin BBQ grill on Maruwa Kogyo's page.


 We are pleased to report that all donation amounts were transferred from Komon to Maruwa Kogyo on March 3, 2023.

Actual donation amount 344,866 yen

Total amount of donations through Indiegogo 450,689 yen

Indiegogo payment fee (4.4%) -28,844 yen
Indiegogo platform usage fee (5%)-22,534 yen
Indiegogono remittance fee from overseas banks - 5,500 yen

Returned goods rice -4,390 yen
Returned goods salt -1,111 yen

Crowdfunding coverage expenses (transportation from Kyoto and hotel accommodations for 2 people for 2 days) -43,444 yen

* Komon has not received any money from this crowdfunding campaign, except for the actual cost of the interview.



Yuka Nakanishi


Our Maruwa Kiln Fund was finished 2022/12/31 and we received support from many people around the world.

Although we were not able to reach our goal, we are still very happy that your donation will be used for Maruwa Kogyo's recovery.

We will prepare the returned goods one by one and plan to have them all shipped by the end of February. You can also check the details of the donation amount on the Komon website soon.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Yuka Nakanishi

(Campain 2022/11/01 -  2022/12/30)




Please help us by donating to MARUWA KILN FUND and sharing this crowdfunding campaign.
We have photos, flyers, etc. below that you can use for sharing. Please feel free to use them to share your crowdfunding.


Shichirin, a popular product since Komon was founded, has received high praise from the customers all orver the world.

Maruwa Kogyo, which produces Shichirin using traditional techniques, has decided to launch a crowdfunding campaign. 

Maruwa Kogyo is a small yet established "Kiridashi Shichirin" manufacturing company in Ishikawa, Japan, a traditional Japanese barbecue stove that has been made since the Edo period (1603 - 1867).

The technique is called Kiridashi, and while shichirin are usually made by kneading clay and fitting it into a mold, in Kiridashi, blocks of clay are cut out of the wall and carved into the shape of a shichirin.

However, the decrease in demand for Shichirin has reduced the number of Kiridashi Shichirin company from a maximum of about 20 to only two in the world today.
To make matters worse, Maruwa Kogyo is facing a financial crisis after an earthquake on June 19, 2022 destroyed the kilns needed to make Shichirin.

To continue making traditional Kiridashi Shichirin, we need your help!






(Campain 2022/11/01 -  2022/12/30)




Please feel free to use them to share your crowdfunding.
Pick Up Pictures & Videos (Google Drive)
ALL Pictures Maruwa Kogyo Workshop (Google Drive)
20220619_Collapsed kiln at the time of the earthquake (Google Drive)
Logo_MARUWA KILN FUND (Google Drive)












Kiridashi Shichirin - 400 - Years of Traditional Japanese BBQ 

  (Short ver.) Kiridashi Shichirin - 400 - Years of Traditional Japanese BBQ 




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