What is "Komon"?(社名の由来)




During the Edo Period, (1603-1867), people of the Edo Prefecture - present day Tokyo - used to wear Kimono, a traditional Japanese garment. Back in that time, however, the Daimyo, or Lord, forbid kimono with large, ornate patterns. Instead, Daimyo ordered Kimono craftsmen to make intricate, tiny patterns that were indecipherable from a distance; where only once you got closer was the beauty and artistry apparent.

This kind of pattern was called "Edo-komon"; and to make it was much more difficult. 
Just like the finely-elaborate pattern of "Edo-Komon", the small, island country of Japan is filled with many talented craftsmen and women;  to find them, all you have to do is look closely.

This is the mission of Komon: to help the whole world discover cultural, handmade Japanese products.