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Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara

flat plate small size hakeme

flat plate small size hakeme

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This meticulously crafted ceramic, crafted by Mr. and Mrs. Shinohara of Kyoto, is the perfect way to add style to your daily life.

SIZE : Height 2cm, Diameter 17cm, Weight 200g

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Kameoka Kyoto Prefecture

Mr.&Mrs. Shinohara from Kyoto, blend many regional Japanese ceramic styles into their work. The Shinohara's both graduated from A Traditional art's school in Kyoto. Takashi Shinohara worked in Arita (Saga prefecture), Seto (Aichi prefecture) and Kyoto, his wife Megumi worked Hasami (Nagasaki prefecture), in 2016 Takashi and Megumi moved to Kyoto and started making their own ceramic products from the knowledge and experience the gained.

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