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Sawara Ohitsu (round wooden container for cooked rice)

Sawara Ohitsu (round wooden container for cooked rice)

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Handai is an indispensable item for making Sushi. This wooden Handai absorb any excess water and this absorbed water helps keep the rice moist and prevents the rice from drying out, creating perfect sushi rice with just the right level of hydration. The gentle scent of the wood goes well with rice and doesn’t interfere with the aroma of sushi rice. Wood such as Sawara or Hinoki cypress have antibacterial properties, so you can have peace of mind when it comes to hygiene.


A round-shaped Handai with no sharp corners. Only the outside has a matte clear lacquer, and the inside that the rice touches is non-lacquered natural wood. The inner bottom is finished with rounded corners like a rice cooker, and it is easy to use. Since the tag may fall due to the shrinkage of the wood, so this Ohitsu has groove for keep the hoop not to be dropped.

Size : diameter 21cm, H11cm


Material : Kiso Sawara cypress, copper hoop, clear mat lacqure (Only outside surface) (There is no lacqure inside)

*This product comes with Kiri wooden box

SIZE : diameter 21cm, H11cm

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