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Sawara Edo Kobitsu (Small round wooden container for cooked rice)

Sawara Edo Kobitsu (Small round wooden container for cooked rice)

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The traditional wooden ohitsu will let out only the appropriate amount of moisture contained in the freshly cooked rice. Bcause it gets rid of the excessive heat and controls the amount of moisture in the rice, you will end up with plump batch of rice with a soft and natural sweetness. The rice for Sushi, the optimal temperature is believed to be 37 degrees Celsius, or body temperature. By keeping it in an Ohitsu, the rice can be kept warm and moist, essential for the final sushi product.


Detail : This small Ohitsu (Kobitsu's "Ko" means 小=small) has 2 styles of Edo and Osaka's you can choose.

Size : diameter 14.5cm, 12cm

Material : Sawara cypress, copper hoop

SIZE : diameter14.5cm, 12cm

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