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Maruwa Kogyo

Yakitori Shichirin 300x200x160mm

Yakitori Shichirin 300x200x160mm

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This product will take 1 week to 2 months for depature. For more details on delivery time, please contact us or contact us on Instagram.

On January 1, 2024, a major earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred on the Noto Peninsula. This earthquake was of the same magnitude as the one that hit Fukushima, and caused damage to many people and buildings.Maruwa Kogyo's factory was also severely damaged, making it difficult to manufacture for a while, and we have not yet decided when we will receive the product.

This Kiridashi Shichirin is a unique Japanese grill handmade with traditional craftsmanship from Suzu city, Japan. Produced by Maruwa Kogyo, one of only two companies in the world able to create this Shichirin, it is a rare and unique bbq grill.

SIZE : 30cm×20cm×H16cm

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400 Years of Traditional Craftsmanship

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Noto in Ishikawa Prefecture

Maruwa Kogyo is a small “Kiridashi Shirchirin” (Japanese barbecue grill) manufacturer from Ishikawa, Japan. Originally formed back in 1976, this company has been making Kiridashi Shichirin using traditional methods originally established in Japan’s Edo Period (1603-1867).

At its peak, there were as many as Twenty ‘Kiridashi Shichirin’ companies in the world, but today, there are only Two. From the very beginning of the company through today, the family has felt a constant mission both to preserve the traditional ways of construction of Kiridashi Shichirin, and to keep the local industry alive. 

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