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Seji Okuda

Plate Kuro Haiyu (black ash glaze)

Plate Kuro Haiyu (black ash glaze)

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This Plate Kuro Haiyu is handcrafted with care by the renowned Seji Okuda in Shigaraki, Japan, one of the three major ceramic cities. Its unique black ash glaze gives it a soft texture, making it perfect for any kitchen.

SIZE : diameter 14.5cm, H2cm

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Shigaraki in Shiga Prefecture

Shigaraki is known as one of the famous cities for ceramics in Japan, and there are many pottery shops along the big road running through the heart of Shigaraki, with many ceramic artists living in the area. Okuda was born and raised in Shiga prefecture, and his father was one of the Shigaraki ceramic artist & teachers. From a young age he watched his father work and was surrounded by ceramics each day. However it was not his dream to become a ceramic artist as a child.

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