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Yasunobu Osugi

Donabe 9.5" Black

Donabe 9.5" Black

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Created by Yasunobu Osugi in Tanba, Japan. In his studio, located a little way up the hill in a quiet village, Osugi quietly works alone to create clay and glazes for his modern ceramic ware, which is glazed in a variety of colors and looks great with dishes other than Japanese cuisine. Donabe in particular is a very popular series that comes in a variety of shapes.

SIZE : H16cm, diameter26cm, include handle 33cm

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Tamba in Hyogo Prefecture

Yasunobu Osugi is a ceramics craftsman from the Tamba region in Hyogo Japan. His workshop is at the end of a narrow slope on the mountain edge that leads into the Valleys of Tamba. His workshop looks like a hut-like building that blend into the surrounding nature, and the interior was illuminated by orange light bulbs.

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