Flattening Stone


This Ftallening Stone is made to fit NSK Kogyo's diamond sharpening stones. Diamond sharpening stones can lose their sharpness after repeated use, but this special flattener can restore the sharpness of a diamond sharpening stone to its original state.
It is recommended that you purchase the Flattener when you get a diamond sharpening stone of NSK Kogyo.

Take 1-3 Months+ to be Delivered for This Handmade Stone

NSK Kogyo's products are individually handcrafted by skilled craftsmen to produce the best diamond sharpening stones. All work is done by a single craftsman with the skills and knowledge he gained at the Japanese sharpening stone manufacturer where he worked for many years, requiring a lot of time to produce the products.
Currently, back orders are coming in from all over the world, not just Japan, so it is taking time to manufacture. If you wish to order, please place your order in Pre-Order.

We guarantee that you will receive the best diamond sharpening stone for your waiting.