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Mikawayaki Shichirin

Mikawayaki Tezukuri Cho-kaku Kuro-Shichirin Medium

Mikawayaki Tezukuri Cho-kaku Kuro-Shichirin Medium

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This Mikawayaki Tezukuri Cho-kaku Kuro-Shichirin Medium brings to your kitchen the traditional style of Mikawayaki Konro from Aichi, Japan. Its double layer design and black color makes it a long-lasting, durable, and stylish way to heat your favorite foods.

SIZE : 360mm, 220mm, 220mm

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Hekinan in Aichi Prefecture

Konro (Shichirin), made in Hekinan City, Aichi Prefecture, is called Mikawayaki Shichiri after the Mikawa clay mined in the area. Konro production flourished in this area because Mikawa clay has excellent durability and can compensate for the weaknesses of diatomaceous earth.
At its maximum, there were 156 Mikawayaki Konro companies, but today there is only one craftsman in the world who produces the traditional Mikawayaki Kuro Shichirin. On the other hand, the Mikawayaki Konro has evolved with the times into a variety of colors and shapes that are easy to use in the modern age, and are still popular today.


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