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Taisei Konro

Noto Marugata Black Small with black belt and handle

Noto Marugata Black Small with black belt and handle

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On January 1, 2024, a major earthquake of magnitude 7 occurred on the Noto Peninsula. This earthquake was of the same magnitude as the one that hit Fukushima, and caused damage to many people and buildings. The manifacture's factory was also severely damaged, making it difficult to manufacture for a while, and we have not yet decided when we will receive the product.

This " Neri Shichirin" is the most common and classic shape of Shichirin in Japan.
It is used for BBQ and for cooking yakitori, etc. The round shape is very efficient because it allows for even cooking wherever you grill, and the highly heat-resistant ceramic construction performs best when cooking with charcoal.

SIZE : diameter 26.5cm × H16.5cm

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Osaka in Osaka Prefecture

Shichirin is manufactured using high quality diatomaceous earth from Ishikawa, Japan. Osaka excels in the production of Japanese knives and other cooking utensils. Today, Shichirin is still used for camping and barbecues, and is also used in yakitori and yakiniku restaurants not only in Osaka but throughout Japan.

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