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Shibu-Uchiwa, Hokusai's Namiura

Shibu-Uchiwa, Hokusai's Namiura

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A long time ago when people lit charcoal to cook, they used a fan to adjust the fire. But by the sparks flying from Shichirin, the fan made of Japanese paper will burn easily.
This Shibu-Uchiwa(渋うちわ) is coated with Kakishibu varnish (astringent juice of the persimmon), which is made by squeezing and fermenting persimmons that are not mature.
By applying Kakishibu varnish, the Japanese paper of the fan could be stronger, and it is hard to tear and burn, so it is often used as a set with Shichirin and Binchotan charcoal.

SIZE : 41.5cm, 26cm

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