Susudake Chopsticks Limited Edition Picks

Exclusive Selection of Susudake Chopsticks

These beautiful Susudake Chopsticks are all handmade by Kazuhiro Wakatsuki from Izumo City, Japan, making it impossible to mass-produce, resulting in unique patterns and textures on each chopstick.Here on this page, we showcase the chopsticks that have been handpicked by Komon. Each piece is unique, and there is a limited quantity available.Once a piece is sold out, Wakatsuki cannot recreate it or restock it. Be sure to grab your favorite before it's too late.


Susudake Chopsticks - Crafted with Care from Select Bamboo

Susudake Chopsticks are made with great care and attention to detail, starting with the selection of high-quality bamboo. Each chopstick is handcrafted by craftsman; Kazuhiro Wakatsuki, cutting, and polishing them to create a beautiful luster and comfortable feel in your hand. No paint or coating is applied; the chopsticks are finished with natural polishing techniques that create a smooth, glossy surface.

The natural beauty of Susudake Chopsticks is immediately apparent upon first use, as the surface becomes even smoother and more polished with each use. These chopsticks are not only a joy to use, but also built to last, making them a lifelong investment for any fan of Japanese cuisine.

The Crafting Process of Susudake Chopsticks

Selection of Susudake

Susudake Chopsticks use high-quality natural Susudake: naturally smoked bamboo, originally intended for the production of Japanese abacus. Wakatsuki, the fourth generation president of Kamegawa Soroban, a world-renowned high-quality abacus manufacturer, had been using Susudake for the shaft of their products.


Each bamboo is carefully hand-split and cut to rough size. Since the natural material has been smoked for decades to nearly a century under a thatched roof, many of the bamboo cannot be used due to damage by insects or mold. Therefore, it is difficult to select suitable materials, and even after cutting, some of them may not be usable.


The selected and pruned Susudake is then crafted into chopsticks. Using Wakatsuki's experience and skill, he shapes each pair of chopsticks, carving them delicately and thinly to ensure that they fit comfortably in your hands and are easy to pick up food with.

Finishing and Polishing

To bring out the natural luster of the Susudake, each chopstick is hand-polished without any coating. The polished surface is glossy and becomes more beautiful with use as it fits comfortably in your hand.

Challenges of Natural Materials

Using natural Susudake is not always a simple matter. As it has been used for decades or even over 100 years as the framework for thatched-roof houses, some pieces may have insect damage and not be usable. No matter how nice the surface pattern may be, if the interior is in tatters, the strength is weakened and it becomes unusable.
Wakatsuki explains that selecting the material is difficult, as it often requires splitting bamboo and determining if it is suitable for use.
Wakatsuki's factory was originally a soroban factory located in the globally renowned high-quality soroban producing region of Okuizumo in Wakayama Prefecture. However, with the changing times, demand for soroban dwindled. Determined to keep the family business alive, Wakatsuki began creating new products. But the road to success was far from easy.

Wakatsuki started creating new products instead of abacus but faced difficulties as they were not readily accepted by those around them. For four generations, the Wakatsuki family has been crafting abacus. However, introducing something new requires a significant mindset shift for our skilled craftsmen, and Wakatsuki found himself quietly working on prototypes alone in a corner of the factory for some time. As Wakatsuki spoke of that time, his expression darkened, conveying the gravity of the situation.

This search eventually led them to chopsticks - a utensil used by Japanese people every day.With no experience in making products other than the abacus, Wakatsuki explored different ideas such as using abacus beads to make accessories and creating a shoe horn from smoked bamboo.

Amidst this experimentation, they realized their desire to create something that would have an impact on people's daily lives, leading them to discover chopsticks - a utensil used by Japanese people every day. After much experimentation, they arrived at the decision to use the sturdy natural smoked bamboo, known as Susudake, which had been traditionally used for abacus shafts.

    "Susudake" refers to bamboo that has been smoked and is known as a high-quality material. Originally used as the frame for thatched roofs, it is smoked for decades to around 100 years. This slow smoking process gives it a tight and durable texture, making it a popular sustainable material. While there are bamboo products smoked for only a few days to achieve a smoky color and are available at a lower price, they cannot match the quality of Susudake that has been smoked for decades.
    The chopsticks carefully handmade with Susudake are durable and can be used for a lifetime. Susudake Chopsticks made by Wakatsuki are of high quality and become more lustrous and tasteful as they are used, as they are left untreated.

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