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Kazuhiro Wakatsuki

Susudake Chopsticks Plain (12001-P003)

Susudake Chopsticks Plain (12001-P003)

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SIZE : L 25cm


These chopsticks are characterized by their dark brown color and are recommended for those who want to experience the natural material of Susudake.

The bamboo used for Susudake Chopsticks has been used for years as the framework for thatched roofs. The smoke from daily life and cooking permeates the bamboo on the roof, naturally smoking the bamboo and creating the distinct color that characterizes these chopsticks.

However, you can also appreciate the individuality of the bamboo itself, as you can see subtle, dark brown patterns on the surface. These chopsticks may be perfect for those who find plain colors uninteresting.

Susudake Chopsticks are unfinished, and the more you use them, the more natural gloss they develop. The surface texture of these chopsticks is smooth, making them a delightful item to use daily, and it is exciting to imagine what kind of shine they will acquire after several years of use.

These chopsticks may feel a bit thicker than normal, making them suitable for noodle or thick meat dishes. However, because bamboo is a combustible material, please be careful not to expose them to open flames, such as during a BBQ!

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Okuizumo Shimane Prefecture

Since BC 3000 the sunken hearth of thatched roof houses were used in the living area to cook food and warm Japanese homes. The smoke from the hearth slowly turns the bamboo framework a dark brown as well as drying and stabilizing over few hundred years of use.

By using the old bamboo from thatched roof houses which could end up as waste, Mr.Wakatsuki breathes new life into Susudake products instead of cutting fresh bamboo, helping to make a sustainable world, however thatched roof houses in japan are decreasing every year making the Susudake increasingly rare.
All Susudake Chopsticks come with Kiri wooden box
Material :
Susudake (natural smoked bamboo) Naturally polished without using any chemicals or lacquer

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