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Oboro Knife #800

Oboro Knife #800

Oboro Knife #800

Product No.28_oboroknife_800_4.4mm
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Oboro Knife is a sharpening stone created by the founder of Tosho Knife Arts, along with sharpener Ivan Gomez Fonseca (@toshoworks), specifically for sharpening kitchen knives.

The diamonds are abrasive to match the hardness and steel of the kitchen knife, and are neither too soft nor too hard, making them ideal for sharpening kitchen knives.

The precision of the grit size, which is one of the attractive features of NSK Kogyo, is of course also maintained.
It can be used for all types of steel, and is especially best for sharpening Honyaki and clad carbon steel kitchen knives.

Product Type Diamond Sharpening Stone
L 200mm x W 75mm x 26mm
Abrasive Thickness 4.4mm +
Recommended Any type of kitchen knife sharpening & steel
Best suited for carbon steel Honyaki & clad
Grit #800

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