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Diamond Nagura (Hakuto3, #12000)

Diamond Nagura (Hakuto3, #12000)

Diamond Nagura (Hakuto3, #12000)

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The new NSK KOGYO nagura is a pure piece of diamond stone that helps produce the mud (todoro) needed for sharpening.
As sharpening stones are used to advance the sharpening process, steel particles may stay on the surface of the sharpening stone, slowing down the cutting speed.

What is needed in this case is mud on the sharpening stone, the mud removes the steel and continually refreshes the sharpening stone's surface. By rubbing this Nagura onto the surface of the sharpening stone several times with water, the mud can be easily produced.

Each Nagura can be used with both Hakuto and Oboro series stones. In our tests with the Nagura we have found it to enhance the the sharpening experience of both series of stones.

Product Type

Diamond Nagura 

L4.1mm x W1.8mm x H1.5mm
Based on Hakuto3 #12000
Recommended use

Oboro Knife #4000, #6000

Hakuto1 #6000, #10000

Hakuto2 #6000, #6000S, #10000

Hakuto3 #6000, #12000

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